“In nineteen 分钟, you can mow 的 front lawn; colour your hair; watch a third of a hockey game. In nineteen minutes 您可以烤烤饼或让牙医补牙;你可以折叠 一家五口洗衣服。十九岁 minutes you can stop 的 world; or you can just jump off it.”

作者: Jodi 微微                                 已发表:2007                                页数:455

看完后 the blurb of this novel, I was left with an assumption of how I would feel after I had finished. The premise of 的 novel is about 在美国高中很普遍– shootings. So I assumed it would be a compelling and tragic narrative. But imagine if 的 person doing 的 shooting was your son, whose bullying had become so unbearable that “他的报仇是谋杀。”那呢你在哪里效忠 lie? With him, or 的 families of 的 dead and wounded whose lives have changed forever because off 的 consequences of your offspring?

微微’s gripping 惊悚片 使读者着迷 更重要的是让您重新评估查看情况的方式。我喜欢 the way that 微微 chose to switch perspectives, showing how 的 circumstance affected 的 lives of Lacey, Alex, Peter, Josie and a whole 人们以不同的方式。但是我发现这部小说更引人注目的是她将射击手描绘成不是怪物或霸王而是受害者的方式。当然可以’s not right 向同情者杀人, but what 微微 makes clear is that it is the 社会的后果’s actions which create people capable of such acts. This is exactly 的 kind of novel which stayed with me long after I had turned 的 last page.

The characters in Nineteen Minutes were both familiar and shocking; 的y were realistic in chilling way, a way that makes you think you never really know anyone at all.

虽然我承认这本小说是 possibly a little 冗长的整本书记录了过去和现在的跳跃过程中19分钟的射击磨难,以提供背景信息并保持紧张感。 微微在钻研时设法使剧情保持兴奋 into 的 人类情感的最深处。她描绘了一个复杂的母女 当她挑战我们根深蒂固的善恶双轨时,这种关系变得异常熟悉。她让你思考你的判断’重做,更重要的是提醒我们,我们所采取的行动是 因为我们作为人类的过失。另外,Picoult’的公式化转折,虽然不能完全像我的妹妹那样站着’s Keeper, is hauntingly brilliant.